Judith A. Cahill Memorial Fund

AMCP’s first CEO, Judith Cahill led the organization for more than 15 years. Serving from 1996-2011 and affectionately known to all as Judy, she was instrumental in the creation of the Pharmacy Quality Alliance and AMCP’s Format for Formulary Submissions. She was crucial in guiding AMCP during the passing of the Medicare Modernization Act and the launch of Medicare Part D. During her remarkable tenure at AMCP, Judy revolutionized how the story of managed care pharmacy was told. She also championed AMCP as it supported and provided insight for the landmark Affordable Care Act. AMCP Foundation opened this memorial fund to support initiatives that inform the public about managed care pharmacy, and other AMCP Foundation purposes. We are proudly partnering with AMCP Past Presidents and Judy’s family to ensure that Judy’s professional legacy endures through resources that help general audiences understand how managed care pharmacy ensures high-quality patient care. Thank you for your gift!

Cahill Fund: Managed Care Resources Donation


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